We will deep clean your floors like they've never been cleaned before!

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We utilize the most advanced technology to clean and restore your floors back to their natural beauty!


Pre-Treatment - First we apply a deep cleaning solution that loosens up the dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria.

Pressure - Contained high pressure water to penetrate the toughest areas (Up to 3000 PSI) depending on the hard surface we are cleaning. Carpets & Upholstery are a whole different ball game.  Our cleaning process is by way of steam & extraction according to Carpet Manufacturer's recommendations which we follow. 

Heat - We use up to 240 degrees of heat which is provided by our High performance Truck Mounted Power Units.

Extraction - Our vacuum process removes the soil and dirty water off of your floors by which the floors dry within a short period of time. We will leave your floors in a clean and sanitized condition.

Seal or Coat the surface- As the final step we recommend protecting the flooring with the appropriate product in order to keep the surface as clean and sanitized until your next professional cleaning . Whether it be for us to re-apply scotch guard to your freshly cleaned carpets which will assist in suspension of soil when vacuuming and in turn better indoor air quality, or a good penetrating sealer for your Hard Surfaces in order to repel against stains and soils. In either case it is highly beneficial to protect after a deep clean.

Residential and Commercial

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        Our Benefits

  • We are trained and certified as a Multi-Surface Cleaning company which simplifies the maintenance process for any home or business.

  • We will gladly provide a Demonstration of our Hard Surface Cleaning services before you spend a dime. 

  • As  an ETS Health service provider we offer permanent solutions to greatly reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in any facility. Did you know that the Super Highway of germs and bacteria is flooring?

  • We use EPA approved and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • We carry Green Seal / Soap Free /Hypoallergenic Carpet cleaning solutions for our customers with health sensitivities.

  • NATIONWIDE services through our Exclusive network to accommodate our Commercial Chain Store Clients.