About Us

"Our Truck Mounted Power Units provide 240 Degrees of Heat combined with Strong Extraction for Faster, Cleaner and Drier Results"

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CLEANSTONE  is a fully licensed and insured company serving the Inland Empire. Our goal is to provide our customers with astonishing service and the best investment in cleaning or restoring Hard Surfaces as well as Carpets & Upholstery.

We strive to ensure 100% satisfaction by providing professional, high quality service. We are very committed to continuing-education which is very important in order to keep up with the latest flooring designs that are being created at a very fast pace these days. Do you own Italian Porcelain that looks just like wood ? How about tile that appears to be marble or some other type of natural stone but it is not? How about Carpet that glows in the dark? Well we realize how costly these delicate floors can be. It is a huge investment for any homeowner or business and we work diligently to be well educated in order to provide the appropriate services according to what manufacturer's recommend.

 We also deliver our services utilizing the most advanced equipment in the industry in order to provide the highest quality cleaning possible. Tools aren't everything of course, the "know how" is super important as well, but having both gives us the confidence and peace of mind to serve our community with pride. 

With CLEANSTONE there are no surprises & no hidden charges. We'll clean your floor like it's never been cleaned before!