What is EPIC Floor Coating?

EPIC is a high gloss water based urethane floor finish that can be applied to a wide range of flooring types and offers huge benefits. . EPIC has ZERO VOC content and is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. EPIC  maintains a high gloss appearance for months or even years in many cases with no buffing, burnishing or stripping required.  EPIC  provides superior durability and scratch resistance and is highly resistant to chemicals. EPIC is also highly slip resistant with a SCOF greater than  0.80.

EPIC is a REVOLUTIONARY floor coating system with many features and benefits

  • Low maintenance- No buffing, burnishing or stripping required.
  • Sustainable- ZERO VOC's and more than 50% less waste of chemicals, water and energy. It is truly a low maintenance product.
  • Improves Safety- High slip resistance, exceeds ADA and OSHA standards.
  • Longer Lifecycle- Consistent shine without having to buff or add finish coats throughout the lifecycle.
  • Microbial and infection control- Inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Improved indoor air quality- Zero VOC's and no buffing means less dust particles and better air quality.
  • Reduced total cost- Less maintenance and equipment needs means less labor and expense over time.
  • Easier Cleaning- Repels marks and stains. Mops easily and requires less chemical to keep clean.

EPIC is already being used in facilities such as:

         Healthcare      Universities and Schools      Restaurants

    Office Buildings         Retail Shops             County Buildings

       Churches                     Pet Clinics                   and  More!

Restroom Floor Before EPIC Application

Restroom Floor After EPIC Application